Sailing is our business; sales, repairs, teaching, training, consultations.

You need it we can take care of it.

Forty-five years of boating experience.

Minor sail repair in house, Major sail repair sent out to loft.

pre-survey evaluation (check that next boat to see if worth full survey)

(check your boat before you put on market)

(Damage control)

Fiberglass repair & additions

Gel-coat repair, cracks and delaminating repairs

Deck compression repair 

specialty repairs

need a swim platform that conforms to hull shape (appears to have been made when boat produced)


(standard and custom)

Don't like to go up your mast, We will do it for you

re-rig for single-handed sailing

Line splicing 

(double-braid, StaysetX, 12strand yacht-braid, 3 strand, & specialty lines)

(continuous splice [roller furling], eye splice, line reduction [larger to smaller], end splice, end/end splice, rode to chain splicing) 

In state deliveries 

(Learn your boat on the way home)

Learn to sail on your own boat 

(learn the secrets of your boat)


US Sailing & ASA Certified Instructor

Handicap Sailing is one of our specialties

Match racing

One-design Racing

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sailing with disabilities